Launch of the fashion APP.

Accompanying the tendencies of the Fashion market and, mainly, analyzing the current profile of the consumer in social networks in Brazil, we propose a differentiated digital action for Pernambucanas. The Proposal was to create a Fashion app to “help” customers and prospects to set up their Look of the Day + Wish List with the share option.

The objective was:

– Promote Pernambucanas in the Fashion sector, inside and outside the networks; – Narrowing the relationship with the target;

– To stimulate, through interaction / sharing, the participation of the public in the dissemination of Pernambucan pieces;

– Stimulate sales in stores.

In short, create a practical and modern App to be used every day by the target audience.

In this project I participated in the process:
• Business strategy
• Design and layout
• UX and UI

Agency: Rapp Brasil
Client: Pernambucanas
Year: 2016

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