Launch of APP for truck drivers

On the roads it was always difficult to communicate, but with the current technology, this has been changing a lot and for the truck drivers would not be different. We found that the way to communicate was mostly the cell phone, or smartphones, even the simplest to the most modern, so thinking about it we found the need to have more direct and simple communication with them, which spend most of the time. life on the roads, and do not have the time to or access information that Shell would like to pass on.

We strategically created an easy-to-use app that had the main needs being a member of the Brother Truck Driver Club.

With the App it would have benefits, convenience and information, could be used for exclusive access at parties or areas of the stations, such as rest, fun and relaxation.

With this we would have an even more faithful base and consequently an even more effective way of communicating.

In this project I participated in the process:
• Business strategy
• Design and layout
• UX and UI

Agency: Rapp Brasil
Client: Shell
Year: 2015

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